The shape of things, Museum M leuven, 2010


Impressions, associations and impulses: an investigation into form and meaning . In 'The Shape of Things'

Ann Dieltjens plays with forms of recognition and alienation, caught in the frame of an imaginary classroom





Maman 2010





Kwaad zaad 2010

(The Seven Sins)





My mind comes to blank 2010





Stream of Consiousness 2009





Display 2007

(From ignorance to knowledge and back in twenty-five steps).

I  have combined elements from concrete reality
with personal form-language,
Then created a construction intended to share this knowledge
with the spectator,
so as to start a new game of associations and combinations.




Display the building 2007





Bone on a chain 2008




Reflexions in the corner of immagination 2008